Rough Seas

We spent yesterday (Thursday) on the outskirts of Tropical Storm Sean and encountered some pretty choppy seas. The storm is dwindling down now but high winds are sustaining swells close to 15ft and the boat is rolling. Haven’t felt sea-sick, just realized that it takes twice the amount of energy to analyze samples when you’re getting tossed around the lab!  The winds are so strong right now I have to use all my strength to open the lab door and then jump in real quick before the wind slams it shut. The most exciting part of this storm has been the rainfall. There is very little data on mercury in rainwater over the ocean and we are collecting enough samples to get some interesting results. We’ve completed stations 1-3 and are not collecting samples at station 4 (stations 3-5 are very close together so we are skipping one) so I should get a chance to catch up on some sleep and samples! Calmer seas are predicted by the weekend 🙂


10 thoughts on “Rough Seas

  1. hello – i appreciate what you do very much – I am in need of a hi res version of this wonderful photograph shown here of the rough seas – for rear projection scenery for a theater production at the Crooked River Lighthouse in Carrabelle Florida – could we purchase it at a reasonable fee – or would you donate it in support of our lighthouse ( which needs an $80,000 paint job soon!)
    Thank you

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