After less than a day of establishing our “land legs” we began the hike, descending down the plateau into a valley. The path started with a steep decline made of soft red dirt…we instantly began to struggle and resorted to a crab-walk style down-on-all-fours mode of transportation, inching down to flatter terrain. Our taxi driver who was seeing us off found this quite humorous, then out of pity came down to assist. Moments later these two locals (pictured above), both with flip flops and one with about 20 liters of water balanced on her head, came racing past, putting us to shame. They too, found our struggles humorous.

The descent took us about three hours, the path was mostly a narrow dirt trail but there were also sections of rock and dried up stream beds that required some climbing. Felt great to stretch our legs though today (three days later) those legs are still sore!


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