Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands are a series of 10 islands off of the west coast of Africa. Now an independent country, they were originally colonized by Portugal (Portuguese and Kriolu which is a mix of West African languages are spoken). The islands were once volcanoes (only one is still active today) so the terrain is dry and rocky. At higher elevations (pictured here) there is enough moisture for some vegetation to grow.

My fight home left Tuesday morning at 2AM, so I spent all day Monday exploring. Myself and three others hired a taxi driver to take us to Serra Malagueta, a high plateau with a natural park and some hiking trails. It took about 1.5 hours to drive there so we got to see a lot of the island! Our taxi driver was very friendly and eager to share with us facts and information on the island. He was a great guide and willing to meet us at the end of our hike for a ride back.

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