Day 47

It’s day 47 on the R/V Thompson, 29 stations completed with 7 more to go in the next two weeks. Here are some highlights of life on the ship:
• Morale is good, crew and scientists have been day dreaming about Tahiti and working on vacation plans.
• RIP lettuce. We have had lettuce for a shocking 47 days but today, that ends. We do still have plums, pears and some oranges…how this is possible I do not understand. I can’t even keep a bag of apples alive in my apartment for two weeks. Must discover the secret.

lettuce small
• I have only recently broken into my second tube of toothpaste, so it looks like I will be able to brush my teeth until the end.
• Seven people have celebrated birthdays on board, and more will before we dock. We have cake and ice cream to celebrate each one, sometimes two days in a row.
• Two cruise themed Christmas carols have been drafted. I will share one to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas (note: NSF stands for National Science Foundation the governmental agency that funds our work).

12 days of GEOTRACES NSF gave to me
12 dirty Niskins
11 sample bottles
10 cores that worked
9 craners craning
8 pumps a pumping
7 bagels remaining
6 Go Flos leaking
5 super stations
4 in the morning
3 people at breakfast
2 Chief sci’s
…and a ship heading to Tahiti

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